Dr. Marykay Fisher is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR practitioner with 20 years experience helping women get unstuck from the after-effects of trauma and abuse.  See her profile on www.comprehensivetherapyapproach.com.

*Relational trauma is defined as experiences, caused by the abuse of power by one with whom she is in relationship, that exceed an individual's coping resources, leading to symptom development. Some examples of the abuse of power in relationship are: abusive or neglectful parenting; being negligently exposed to family violence or dysfunction as a child; incest; date rape; sexual abuse; marginalization, exploitation or devaluation by spiritual, legal or educational authority figures; verbal or physical abuse by a partner; and bullying at home, school or work.

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A Letter from Dr. Fisher


Licensed Clinical Psychologist
CA License 25344

Spirit-Conscious, Solution-Focused Mental Health Care Exclusively for WOMEN

Welcome to The Sanctuary

As women, we have unique biological needs, specific cultural and family roles, and special vulnerabilities to contend with when interacting within our relationships, and with the world at large. We deserve to have these special issues recognized, acknowledged, and understood by those to whom we look for healing.

Dr. Fisher has made the special mental health needs of women her life's work. She has developed expertise in women's development, gender politics, and the treatment of relational trauma*.

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