Licensed Clinical Psychologist
CA License 25344

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About Dr. Fisher

Marykay Fisher, PsyD, LP
Trauma-Related Disorders
  Family Stress
  Depression & Anxiety

  Supervision & Consultation

Marykay Fisher is a licensed clinical psychologist and owner of The Sanctuary for Women & Girls. Her clinical training and postdoctoral experience focused on trauma-related disorders in children and families.  She is a certified EMDR clinician and member of EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). Dr. Fisher prefers depth psychotherapy with mature women who have the skills and motivation to explore the inner landscape. She specializes in problems resulting from abuse and neglect in childhood. She also has extensive training and practice in Shirley Jean Schmidt's "Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy" (DNMS). Dr. Fisher is recognized by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. Click the link to see her credentials and profile.

Dr. Marykay Fisher has devoted her career to healing psychic wounds caused by the abuse of power in relationship. She believes that you were born healthy and good, that you struggle only because you've been wounded, and that you have inside you everything you need to reach your potential--body, mind and soul.

Dr. Fisher
specializes in treating women and girls with histories of relational trauma, including abuse and/or neglect in childhood, with state of the art methods grounded in cognitive neuroscience. In her years of practice, she's seen that most of what are labelled "psychiatric disorders" are rooted in relational injury--at home, at school, on the playground, in the workplace--and repairing these wounds is key to restoring health and happiness. Her special tools include EMDR, The Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, Mindfulness Practice, and a wide range of psychodynamic, narrative, and body-based strategies..

In addition, Dr. Fisher has spent many years walking the path of spiritual practice, in her own way. Her intuitive skills bring an added dimension to the therapy experience at The Sanctuary.

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