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Spirit-Conscious, Solution-Focused Mental Health Care Exclusively for WOMEN

Effects of Relational Trauma

PTSD And Dissociation

  • Are more common than you think, as are the abuses of power in relationship that often cause them
  • Are often misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety disorder
  • Don’t respond well to “talk therapy"
  • Are caused by physical or relational trauma (It’s not your fault!)
  • Are best thought of as a glitch in the memory processing system
  • Can be healed!       

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a powerful way of helping your own brain move stuck mental contents to adaptive resolution. Dr. Fisher took her EMDR training in 1995, and has been an EMDRIA (EMDR International Association)-certified EMDR practitioner since 2003. She uses EMDR extensively in her practice. Somatic approaches and mindfulness meditation also play an important role in healing: learn to ground, be present, re-inhabit your body, desensitize anxiety triggers, release “body memories” and strengthen containment and self-regulation skills.

Spiritual Trauma

Many women feel confused, disconnected from Spirit and from their true nature, because they've experienced exploitation or marginalization based on the mere fact of their being women in a male-dominated, power-over world. This may be especially true for women who've experienced neglect or abuse at the hands of religious patriarchs, or objectification in the sex trade. These kinds of experiences are best thought of as Spiritual Trauma. Healing means reconnecting with the Divine Feminine within and around you, reclaiming your true nature and embracing the Power-With way of being that is your birthright as a woman.

Depression & Anxiety

...are often weeds that take root in the toxic soil of physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect—as a child or in a current relationship. They almost always come as a package, and may be best thought of as a disorder of attachment. In a healing relationship with a caring therapist, a woman can experience what healthy relationship feels like and learn to require the respect and dignity she deserves.

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